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Wanna play the opening of an RPG, absolutely FREE

Well, here you go! 

This isn't the final thing. I want people to play it and see what they like and don't like about it! Is this game fun? Is the story and writing good? How about the gameplay? Is it actually funny? That sort of thing.

Please leave your thoughts below! 


The Black Moon has come.

Light is once again pitted against Darkness, as Aglaria is doomed to be overcome by Darkness' overwhelming might, and the return of The Black Moon: it's means of ultimate power. Only the Dragon Brother can travel to the Black Moon itself, and destroy the Darkness that threatens the world.

Too bad that you're not the Dragon Brother. Did we say it's not a guy too? Oh, we meant to say you're both kids in this, too. 

In Act 1, meet Lars and travel to Midwick, a town well known for it's fresh produce of crops. As the hand of Darkness starts to lurk over the town, only you, the girl that is NOT the Dragon Brother, can stop the threat (with a little bit of help from Lars too).

- Watch the story of The Dragon Brother unfold before you!

- Explore the dark caverns of Midwick Cave, or the haunted halls of Darkwood Mausoleum! 

- Classic JRPG battles with pixels,  swords and brooms on fire!



Director, Music Composer - Harriet Ford

Pixel Artist - Jason Perry

Graphics Artist - Chloe Martin

Ferret Entertainment (C) 2018. All Rights Reserved.


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I played and enjoyed this a while ago. Has there been more content added on to the end? And would I have to start over?



This version has a completely original soundtrack, and also there's been a few minor changes and improvements, such as new health bars. The last version had a game breaking glitch inside it so I took it down in order to fix it and focus on the soundtrack.

Also, yes you'll have to restart, but the game is approximately a 50 minute run through, so you can save your game file!


Thank you very much for the reply! All the improvements sound excellent.

I was actually curious about a different question though - has there been any more story progression or is it still leaving off at the same place?


Yeah, it's still at the same place for the time being.

Not on this version. I'm planning to release Act 2 as a standalone thing, or merge them together. But I don't want to give too much of the game away because that acts as around 2/5 of the game's content. 

Hope this helps!


Thank you! I'm going to be very much looking forward to Act 2!